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2024 MVE Hosted Tournaments

These are the first 3 tentative tournament dates, hosted by MVE!

Mohawk Valley Elite is a competitive basketball program for boys of all ages that places an emphasis on teaching, development and exposure.


The purpose of our MVE AAU tournaments is to provide a competitive platform where young athletes can showcase their skills, improve their game, and gain exposure to higher levels of competition. These events also foster teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal development in a structured and challenging sports environment.

All tournaments are available for boys grades 4th - 12th. Brackets will be determined by skill level and experience, to the best of our abilities. If needed, "A" and "B" brackets will be selected in certain age groups. Each team finishing in first place will receive tournament-specific shirts!


MAR 24, 2024 - Herkimer Hardwood Hustle

  • The Herkimer Hardwood Hustle is hosted at the prestigious Herkimer College in Herkimer, New York, which was rated the number #1 community college in New York. This tournament offers a platform for young athletes to showcase their skills in a collegiate environment. Beyond the games, the Herkimer Hardwood Hustle emphasizes player development and sportsmanship, with awards for individual and team achievements highlighting the event's close.

APR 20 – 21, 2024 - Hustle & Flow Classic

  • Set within the modern Accelerate Sports Complex in Whitesboro, New York, the Hustle & Flow Classic offers a unique blend of competitive basketball and a focus on the flow of the game. This tournament is designed for teams looking to push the pace and showcase their dynamic playing styles in a high-energy atmosphere. Taking place over several days, the event features a comprehensive format that promotes intense competition and maximum exposure for athletes to display their talents


MAY 19, 2024 - Herkimer Hardwood Hustle: The Sequel

  • Returning to the iconic Herkimer College, the Herkimer Hardwood Hustle: The Sequel builds on the legacy of its predecessor by introducing new elements to elevate the competitive and viewer experience. Taking place a few months after the inaugural tournament, The Sequel aims to build off the previous success of our first installment.

To register a team, please click below. 

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