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Tournament Rules

  • Game Length: (2) 18 minute halves.

  • Running / Stop Time: Clock will only stop on FREE THROWS & under 1 minute in 1st half, under 2 minutes in 2nd half (If the lead is over 20 points, clock does NOT stop on free throws).

  • Warmups: 4 minute warmup period following the previous game.

  • Half-time: 2 minutes in length.

  • Over-time: First overtime period is 2 minutes in length, the 2nd is sudden death (first team to score win). Each team is granted 1 timeout per overtime period.

  • Personal Fouls: 6 fouls per player before disqualification.

  • Timeouts: Each team is allowed 3 timeouts per game.

  • Technical Fouls: Opposing team is awarded 2 points & possession. If a player gets 2 technical fouls, they are disqualified from the game.

  • Ejections: Any player or coach ejected will be forced to miss the next scheduled game.

  • Pressing: Pressing is allowed for all grade levels, 4th-8th grade up until a 20 point lead.

  • Team Bonus: 1 & 1 at 10 team fouls (PER HALF), 2 shots at 13 team fouls (PER HALF).

  • Arrival Time: Please arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled game start time.

  • Pool Play Tiebreaker: 1) Head-to-Head will determine the winner

    • 2) The point differential (capped at 20 points) of the teams INVOLVED in the tie ​

    • 3) If more than 2 teams are still tied, the point differentials of the teams NOT involved in the tie are added, and the results are recalculated.

    • 4) If 2 teams are STILL tied after all this, it will go to a coin toss

  • Basketball Size: 4th - 6th grade divisions will use 28.5 size ball unless coaches agree on 29.5.

  • Any other rules NOT listed will follow NY high school varsity rules.

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